Welcome to the Website of the Gohda Research Group! We conduct research on computational materials science by means of first-principles calculations.
Will you join us?

You are in a right position to consider joining our research group, if you are interested in

  • having research activities on condensed matter theory,
  • creating new materials and/or nanostructures in a computer,
  • exploring new physics at surfaces/interfaces including magnetism of microstructure interfaces, and
  • trying a new enjoyable life within Tokyo-Yokohama area.
Do not hesitate to contact Y. Gohda for inquiries about opening positions, fellowships/schlolorships, and student admissions. One possibility for the student admission is to apply for International Graduate Program (A) of Tokyo Tech. Another possibility is to apply for Japanese Government Scholarships provided by MEXT, where application procedures are conducted through Japanese embassies and consulates in your country. If you require any further information regarding Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships, contact the Japanese embassy or consulate. Application fee is not charged.
As for postdoc positions, I can, for example, be an academic host for the Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship as an alumnus of the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship.

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